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I’m Dylan Singla.

I'm passionate about AI & Sustainability and have brought these interests together to create a space for others to learn about how they can impact the world for good. 

About Me

I am from the suburbs of Chicago and am a senior in high school at The Lawrenceville School in New Jersey. I have several interests outside of Sustainability, Marine Conservation, and Artificial Intelligence (AI), and, in particular, I love playing and watching sports. At school, I play soccer (where I am the goalkeeper for the team), basketball, and tennis. I also enjoy outdoor activities such as skiing and golf – which I picked up this last summer. Interestingly, I have started to bring these differing passions together as I look to see how AI plays a crucial role in sustainability and how AI plays such a huge role in sports (I am sure many of you have seen the movie Moneyball!). I am always looking for new ways to learn about these topics, so feel free to email me with any great ideas. I hope you enjoy my website and the podcasts!

Our coasts and beaches are irreplaceable. Let’s save them.


My mission is to help educate and inspire high school and college students about the importance of sustainability and what they can do to make a real difference in their local communities and, more broadly, for the world. We are the generation that will be most impacted by climate change over the next 50 years, so it is up to us to make a difference. In order to do so, we will have to leverage learnings from the past and think about new technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, that will help advance our thinking and the solutions to drive sustainability efforts.

How it All Started

Sustainability, to me, is how we as a community can work together to preserve the environment without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. By doing our part in our own respective communities, we can come together to help preserve the world we live in.


My passion for sustainability began in the summer of 2021 when I interned at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, working with their sustainability action team. As an intern, I witnessed the implementation of groundbreaking sustainability initiatives in rescuing and maintaining animals’ well-being and preserving marine habitats. For example, we planted and maintained plants surrounding the aquarium. These plants are used in the aquarium cafeteria as well as to feed the animals. We also organized two beach cleanups around Chicago to preserve the environment, specifically Lake Michigan.


To further my curiosity about sustainability, I went on an excursion that summer where I helped preserve at-risk ocean habitats in Mexico. This excursion allowed me to be immersed in the local fishing culture and understand how climate change affected water temperature, pollution, fishing populations, and ocean habitats. I was given an opportunity to shadow scientists who were collecting and analyzing data to better understand the implications of climate change on the local community.


Having found a true passion for sustainability over the summer of 2021, I joined the Sustainability Council when I returned to Lawrenceville in the fall. The Sustainability Council at Lawrenceville focuses on improving and encouraging students to take action on our campus’s sustainability issues.


Additionally, in early 2022, I developed an interest in Artificial Intelligence (AI), specifically, the role AI can play in helping accelerate sustainability efforts in a positive way. Over the summer of 2022, I combined my interests in sustainability and AI by launching my Sustain AI Planet website, podcast, and solutions toolkit. In the podcasts, I interview multiple leaders, such as a college professor, former CEO of a major tech company, and a sitting U.S. Congresswoman. The leaders I interviewed revealed what they do to help advance sustainability, marine conservation, AI, or all of the above, helping me realize how connected all these topics really are. Furthermore, I built this website to educate and inspire others on these topics and help drive positive and lasting change in sustainability, with a particular focus and interest in marine conservation.

Ready to make a difference?


Get my FREE Sustainability Solutions Toolkit that I built! It's full of some of my favorite ideas, tips, and projects for students, individuals, families, and organizations looking to care for our planet by making small, but impactful changes in their lives that will leave a long-term impact on our planet for good.

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