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Cliffs and Ocean


Katy, Essex, England

“Love it!!! Your website, podcast, and toolkit are so well done. Can’t wait to listen to more of the podcasts. The toolkit is so actionable that I truly believe you are making a difference in this world! Many thanks for sharing these resources. This project is really something that I will pass along to the students in my classroom!"

Michelle, Los Angeles, California

“I just looked came across your website; it’s really good: eye-catching, informative, and

excellent work! I’m going to share it with our sustainability director at my school.”

Janet, Chicago, Illinois

“This is so well thought out! I showed my daughter the clothes swap idea from your

toolkit and she loves it ….she thinks it's a great idea that will be put into action --she is going to talk to her friends about it!”

Sam, Hong Kong

“This is AMAZING! I really enjoyed reading your website and listening to the podcasts! I

learned so much”

Tunde, Nairobi

“Really impressive stuff! Thank you Dylan. The world needs more people like you to help

save our planet!”

Shwetta, Mumbai, India

“This is truly fabulous. My husband and I listened to a few of the podcasts and plan to listen to more with our kids. It was so cool to hear sustainability perspectives from such

extraordinary people. Wow!”

Johannes, Berlin, Germany

“Your sustainability website is truly impressive! The dedication and effort you've put into creating such an informative and well-designed platform are remarkable for someone your age.”

Matt, Charlotte, North Carolina

“The way you address sustainability issues with a fresh perspective is inspiring. Your

innovative ideas and unique approach to promoting eco-friendly practices truly set you apart from others in the field. As the sustainability rep for my high school, I will definitely be sharing this to our committee and the student body. Thank you!”

Mike, Sydney, Australia

“Your website is not only informative but also visually appealing. The thoughtful design

and user-friendly interface make it easy for visitors to navigate and find the information

they need to lead more sustainable lives.”

Gayle, Ann Arbor, Michigan

“Your passion for sustainability shines through in every aspect of your work. It's inspiring to see someone your age advocating for environmental consciousness and actively working towards a greener future.”

Poonam, Zurich, Switzerland

“The impact you've made is truly commendable. Your dedication to raising awareness about sustainability and inspiring others to make eco-friendly choices is making a real difference in the world. Keep up the fantastic work!”

Sam, South Africa

“Your sustainability toolkit is incredibly comprehensive, covering a wide range of topics and providing practical solutions for everyday sustainability challenges. It's evident that you've put a lot of thought and research into compiling such a valuable resource.”

Brendan, Houston, Texas

“I'm blown away by the quality and depth of your podcast series on sustainability. How in the world did you get these people to be interviewed? Your ability to tackle complex environmental topics and present them in a clear and engaging manner is outstanding. I am in high school, but I plan on applying to some of these colleges, so it is super helpful to know where they stand on sustainability.”

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